Chocolate Slim vs Weight Watchers

Which method is more effective?

If the internet is to be believed, there are about a million ways to lose weight; however, finding the appropriate one can be very difficult. From dieting to intermittent fasting, there is something for every lifestyle and individual needs. It seems then, that losing weight is simple, only a matter of picking the right method and sticking to it. Therein lies the problem, how is one supposed to choose? How does one stick to the program?

Golden rules of weight loss

chocolate slim vs wwDespite the variety of programs available for losing weight, they all advise you to follow certain rules, these boil down to:

• Eating regularly: Unless you are interested in intermittent fasting, the first rule to losing weight is to have a regular meal schedule. This does not mean that you need to eat at precisely the same time every day; it means that you must eat every day. This is because the body can store fat to survive starvation, if you fail to eat your body will think it’s starving and accumulate fat.

• Creating a caloric deficit: Your body requires a certain number of calories to perform basic processes, by creating a caloric deficit in your diet you make your body consume the calories that have been naturally stored. The best way to do this is through a balanced diet.
• Moving: Your body burns off calories just by keeping you alive; however, if there is an excess of calories you need to exercise to burn them off.

It sounds very simple; however, your weight loss plan does not have to be limited to complying with these three rules, you can add to them a program that suits you and your needs. Both Weight Watchers and Chocolate Slim function as an addition to these rules.

Weight Watchers

Over the last decades, a method that has been gaining popularity is that of Weight Watchers. Its promise is that without restricting any food, the user will be able to hit their target weight with minimum effort. They offer everything from cookbooks to a support network that works both online and in the flesh, in an attempt to make the process a little more bearable and simple. The core of the program is dieting.
Basically, Weight Watchers makes the user stick to the three golden rules through a points system that helps them keep track of how they are eating, it is not so much an aid to weight loss as it is an aid to sticking with a defined program. The subscription to the Weight Watchers program is not particularly cheap though, and it may put a dent in your monthly budget. Weight Watchers is only available in the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Chocolate Slim

In contrast to the Weight Watchers program, Chocolate Slim offers the user a way to lose weight without having to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. This supplement allows you to continue your lifestyle and lose weight at the same time; all you need to do is drink a chocolate shake every morning.

Because this product is a supplement, it is very easy to add to your already existing weight loss program or simply add it to your everyday routine. Unlike Weight Watchers, Chocolate Slim is an aid to the fat-burning process; it helps your body become exactly what you want it to be. The supplement does not limit what you can eat, but it does help you curve your appetite in order to stop you over eating and craving snacks.

Made from natural, organic ingredients, Chocolate Slim offers you the chance to lose weight without significantly altering your lifestyle or diet. On top of the guaranteed weight loss, this shake helps you fight cellulite, and helps you have a clear skin. While it has been proven that Weight Watchers is a helpful aid, there is scientific research that proves that this chocolate supplement works.

The core of this supplement is the superfoods that make up its ingredients. Green coffee beans speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat quickly; while whey protein blocks cyanidin, a difficult fat to eliminate, as well as giving you extra energy; cacao also speeds up fat burning and makes Chocolate Slim a pleasure to drink; not to mention the added vitamins that allow you to stay healthy.

The main difference between Weight Watchers and Chocolate Slim is the ease with which you can add them to your life. While Weight Watchers supposes a change in your lifestyle and your wallet, adding this particular supplement to your routine is simply a matter of drinking a chocolate smoothie, which makes it easy to stick to the program. The only challenge you might run into with Chocolate Slim is that it is only available in Europe at the moment. Dietwords has a french website that has written an extensive review on Chocolate Slim and gives you the option to order Chocolate Slim if you live in Europe. We Americans unfortunately have to wait patiently for Chocolate Slim to arrive in the States.